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Hydraulic Capabilities


Aeromac is an MRO repair station specialized in overhaul of hydraulic components of civilian and military aircraft in:


Command servo actuator, trim actuator, Artificial feel cylinder, spring box cylinder, bellcrank, shock absorver cylinder, hydraulic pump, brake assy, servo distributor, aerobrake actuator, Main and Nose landing gear and sub components, for aircraft F-1, Cheetah, Mirage, F-16 and A-29.


The hydraulic area has test benches for components that work with hydraulic fluid skydrol and MIL-H-5606, it has a complete metrology center, setups, technical manuals and special tools


The hydraulic area has 600 square meters of workshop.


We offer the best response times to solve the requirements of our clients and the most convenient technical guarantees.


AEROMAC has the investment capacity to create new overhaul capacities that our clients require, after evaluation.

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